Wunderman Thompson Belgium


Client: Telenet
Product: Telco
Title: .comdom
Media: Digital
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 25/11/2019

Background: Technology is great, but it also has some side-effects. Just think about things like screen addiction, sextortion, cyberbullying… As technology plays a huge role in the product that we sell, we thought we should play a huge role in helping people use it in a good and responsible way. Because up until now, every telco provider was only focusing on its endless possibilities. With our #TelenetGO platform, Telenet was the first brand to admit it also has some downsides. We decided we shouldn’t just warn people about the downsides, but help them deal with them. .Comdom is one of the first campaign on this new platform.

Idea: One in three people engages in sexting. But often they get into trouble when the receiver starts sharing their nudes with others. To help prevent this, Telenet and Child Focus developed the .comdom app: a ‘digital condom’ to make the sexting experience safer.After taking a sexy selfie, the app asks you to fill in the personal details of the receiver. A customised algorithm then turns the information into a unique watermark that covers the entire image. Making it as good as impossible for the receiver to spread your picture without ruining their own reputation. A campaign that is innovative as brand communication, as user experience and as technological solution.

Results: .Comdom is still going as it is a permanent service app, but already it got more than 80 million media impressions, reaching 30 million people. The app was downloaded more than 30.000 times and the campaign got more than 800.000 euros in earned media. (population of Belgium: 10 million)

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