Client: Diageo
Product: Guinness
Title: Clear
Media: TV, online, social & OOH, including screens at rugby grounds
Country: UK & Ireland
Date Of Campaign: February 2019

Background: Guinness wanted to create a responsible drinking campaign that could drive real behaviour change. Many advertisers are content to add the words: ‘please drink responsibly’ to their campaigns. Yet alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK. Almost 30% of all British drinkers binge drink on heavy nights. So we wanted to do more than just pay lip service to responsible drinking.We wanted to create a campaign that would give people real, practical advice.At every touch point, in every media

Idea: The UK’s biggest Guinness drinking event is the Rugby Six Nations which lasts for six weeks.This year, Guinness sponsored the entire tournament.And, on day one we held a press conference to officially unveil this new product: Guinness Clear. Team captains and legendary rugby figures endorsed it. In partnership with the UK’s most popular newspaperit, The Sun, they took part in taste tests - staying straight faced throughout.Earnestly pretending that Guinness Clear was a real beer.Glossy product films and serving suggestions appeared in prime-time TV spotsand took over social feeds.Michelin-star chefs cooked with it. And Six Nations commentators were filmed constantly sipping it.Guinness Clear was advertised in national newspapers and at national stadiums. Hydration stations and mobile sampling enabled fans to get their much-anticipated first taste.And of course, bars happily joined in with the joke, including Dublin’s famous Guinness Brewery & Storehouse.

Results: There are no sales figures for tap water.But we didn’t need sales figures to know our campaign was a success.After six weeks you could walk into any pub in the UK and ask for a Guinness Clear – and get served a glass of water.Positive sentiment increased by a massive 47% during the six weeks of the campaign.And we observed a huge positive reaction on social.People tweeted that Guinness Clear was being ordered and served in their local pub. People started using the product name for anything water-related.Rain, tears - even sweat.Guinness Clear had entered the culture.It turns out that the way to get people to drink less Guinness, is to get them to drink more of it.

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