Kiss FM
"Play Rock 'n' Roll"

Client: Kiss FM
Product: Kiss FM
Title: Play Rock 'n' Roll
Media: Posters, radio, newspaper
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: April, 24th, 2019

Background: Rock classics never change. But Brazil’s biggest rock’n’roll radio station does. KISS FM was to change its dial from the 102.1 to 92.5. Since we couldn’t use the new station to promote the shift because nobody knew it was there, we had to find a way to communicate this change with low budget and high impact.

Idea: More than a campaign, we developed a product: PLAY ROCK N ROLL. Legendary board games created from the most popular bands we play on Kiss FM. We developed 4 boards game, each one was an homage to a rock icon: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who. The boards were meticulously crafted with easter eggs, referencing dozens of the group’s songs. The games also included customized pieces and dices for each band. And to win, you’d have to get past all the facts and challenges along the way.

Results: The PLAY ROCK N ROLL games were a big success among rock fans. Not only the new Kiss FM dial retained all its listener, but they also saw an increase of 22% of their audience, since the campaign ran.

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