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"Game of Thrones Crypt"

Client: Amediateka
Product: Amediateka - Online video service. Home of HBO in Russia
Title: Game of Thrones Crypt
Media: Ambient
Country: Russia
Date Of Campaign: April-May 2019

Background: In 2019, AMEDIATEKA, a service providing legal video content, set the goal to increase the number of subscribers before the launch of the final 8th season of Game of Thrones.Season 8 of Game of Thrones is a planetary-scale event, a unique TV show attracting global attention. But why is it loved so much? What was its key attraction? There were loads of unexpected cruel and vivid murders of all main characters of the saga. Over a dozen popular and loved heroes in the show had to die. This thrilling suspense became a part of our life: we were terrified to watch deaths, sympathized with those still alive and anticipated what would happen to them. This is exactly what gave us the emotions we could not experience in real life.

Idea: Over the previous 8 years viewers had been following its characters’ stories, living through their lives and deaths. That’s why we decided to give to all Game of Thrones fans something to echo in their hearts. They got a chance to see their favorite characters one more time and to bid them farewell. We created a real-live Crypt where all the characters were buried. A truly immersive Game of Thrones experience was created at a perfect venue in Moscow downtown. The Crypt — the ultimate expression of the the key subject in the series — death — and a monument to the plot’s complexity, linking the activations to engage thousands of people for over 2 months. The 2400 sq. m. Crypt contained full-scale graves for GoT characters who died during the previous 7 seasons. The gravestones had QR-codes, so that visitors could rewatch the deaths of their favorite characters and post comments about them online. Moreover, the attention of guests was drawn to funerals held for some of the newly-deceased heroes, and online betting was organized for those who wanted to guess who would die in the final season. The winners could get prizes, including a chance to watch the final GoT episode on a huge stadium screen.

Results: Overall, 65 characters were buried in the Crypt.Over 110,000 people came to the Crypt.Hundreds of thousands of pictures in social networks.Millions of comments.20+ mentions on TV and 150+ in mass media; Earned media — 1.5 mln $.Amediateka’s Season 8 viewings increased 700% vs Season 7.The number of subscribers during the activation period increased 12 times in comparison to the previous 2 months.

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