Lidl Belgium
"vote for meAL"

Client: Lidl Belgium
Product: Fresh products
Title: vote for meAL
Media: Guerilla
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: May 2019

Background: In May 2019, the supermarket Lidl launched a national campaign in Belgium. Their new slogan was “Make a good impression with our fresh products”. Meanwhile Belgium was covered by election posters at the time, because of the upcoming national elections. Politicians’ faces were every-where, trying to impress voters.

Idea: We decided to hijack those campaign posters and use them for our own campaign.How? We spotted posters of the most popular Belgian politicians. Then, we shot body look-alikes with the same clothes and in the same pose as the politicians, holding our fresh products. Finally, we simply hung our posters next to the politicians’ posters. That’s how Belgian politicians became the faces of Lidl’s fresh product campaign.

Results: +6% of sympathy towards the brand +4,6% of “fresh products” perception

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Ambient / Guerilla / Outdoor