"It's Between You"

Client: WhatsApp
Product: Institutional
Title: It's Between You
Media: TV, YT, Facebook
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: Feb, 13th, 2020

Background: This film was the first WhatsApp film in the world. Its intention was simple: to show a real story that involved the app and reinforced the privacy it brings to connections between people in Brazil, in a democratic way. This film - as well as the product - is for everyone, all Brazilians. For that, we needed to find a real story that told this and was moving at the same time.

Idea: To find the best stories, we hired a team of researchers. And in the end, this was the chosen story, about a Brazilian subject (carnival) and that would be broadcast at a favorable moment (the time of carnival in Brazil). As much as parades of samba schools have great compatibility, this story showed its other side, the private side of these relationships, the sense of community between rivals. To bring the story to reality, we filmed in samba communities in Rio de Janeiro (Madureira, Ramos etc), with actors who are actually residents of these communities (even though some have already appeared in some productions, all belong to the communities and have gone through a laboratory before filming). Even the fire was made real, to bring the perfect emotion in people's eyes.

Results: The initial release of the film was in WhatsApp groups of samba schools. The impact was very positive. After being broadcast on TV, the film touched an entire country.

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