Zulu Alpha Kilo

Amazon Rainforest Conservancy
"The Rainforest Fire Channel"

Client: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy
Product: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy
Title: The Rainforest Fire Channel
Media: Online Video, DOOH
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: December 2019

Background: In August, the fires in the Amazon were in every headline. But by December, people needed a reminder that the Amazon still burned, even during the holiday season. So, we hijacked the fire everyone would be watching.

Idea: We replaced the classic Fireplace Channel with real footage of the Amazon buring. It live-streamed right through to New Year’s, reminding everyone of the one fire we should all be watching closely over the holidays.

Results: The results demonstrate the success of the campaign. Our OOH gained over 25 million impressions and social sentiment has been entirely positive with engagement rates over double industry standards at 7.6%. Donations year-over-year have increased over 875%, with the total number of unique donations increased by 313%. ARC plans on using the donations to purchase over 160 acres of land in the Amazon to protect. Most importantly, the campaign created new momentum in the media, starting with coverage on The Weather Network.

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