"Merry Christmas Traffic"

Client: Pepsico
Product: Pepsi
Title: Merry Christmas Traffic
Media: Waze, Instagram
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: Dec, 14th, 2019

Background: Every year, Pepsi’s HUGE competitor makes the Christmas Caravans. And their trucks make lots of gridlock in big cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In order to make ourselves relevant this Christmas, we aimed at people that were not happy with our competitor’s Christmas event. (And there are lots of them.)

Idea: We found a weakness of our competitor’s event: the traffic jams it causes and how people react to it. Then, we used Waze to make Pepsi present in the event. Whenever people got stuck in traffic, we sent them a message offering a Christmas gift (with Pepsi cans) to make up for the stress.

Results: Pepsi was always put aside during Christmas. Its social media in Brazil was particularly slow. After the event, the brand got a boost in interactions it has never experienced before this time of the year. On each hour of our competitor’s event, we impacted 750k people and got 168% more interactions on social media. Most of all, Pepsi has found its own space in people’s Christmas, in spite of our competitor’s immense budget.

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