"Build with the Force"

Client: LEGO
Product: LEGO Star Wars
Title: Build with the Force
Media: 7 different cineplex cinemas in Germany
Country: Germany
Date Of Campaign: January 30th until February 13th, 2020

Background: Along with the release of Star Wars Episode 9 at the movie theaters, LEGO launched new LEGO Star Wars sets. In order to advertise these new sets, an attention-grabbing promotion idea had to be developed especially for the cinemas, which would impressively stage the new sets. Since Star Wars and especially LEGO Star Wars both have fans from all age groups, we had to develop an idea that would be equally fun for all of them. Therefore, we identified one common denominator that fascinates all fans about Star Wars: The Force.

Idea: In the Star Wars universe, you can use the force to move objects with sheer willpower. So we created an installation where fans from all age groups could physically experience the force. Based on the LEGO TVC, we developed the Build with the Force experience: an interactive mixed-reality game, in which two players face each other in a force-duel to rebuild a spaceship with the force as quickly as possible.Together with Tawny Emotion AI, we developed a special machine-learning-algorithm – the Force AI. It measures several factors: the force-gesture including muscle-tension, the concentration-level via face-recognition and the pulse via minimal changes in face color. The algorithm then combines them in one individual score. The higher this score, the faster the ship is rebuilt. That’s how the force felt absolutely real for all players.

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