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Client: Ambev
Product: Guaraná Antarctica
Title: Your Logo Here
Media: TV, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram before and during the 2020 World Cup.
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: April, 30th, 2019

Background: Female football gets almost zero attention and investments in Brazil. In 2018, because of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil saw more than 47 different campaigns with players from the men's team, while by April 2019 – the FIFA Women's World Cup's year –, we'd seen zero campaigns using any of the female athletes.

Idea: The brand had to develop something entirely different from a regular campaing. Instead of ads aimed at the final consumer, it worked up an ad that targeted brands and marketing executives. The ad invited more brands to make ads with the stars of the Brazilian women’s squad using our image bank.

Results: More than 10 big brands have bought over 20 pictures from our image bank so far, raising more than R$400K for the players and the NGO. The commercials were heavily posted by Brazilian female athletes and the sports media. Most importantly of all, the movement caught on and brands started to respond by hiring other female players to star in their ads –6-time best player in the world Marta, who signed a deal with Brazil’s biggest beer brand.

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