Sancho BBDO

Mercado Libre
"The Money Catalogue"

Client: Mercado Libre
Product: Mercado Libre
Title: The Money Catalogue
Media: Digital B to C
Country: Colombia
Date Of Campaign: december 2019

Background: There is a big issue surrounding online shopping: Most people feel uncomfortable paying online with their credit cards! This Christmas, Mercado Libre and Sancho BBDO will tackle this issue head-on by converting cash from their pockets into the biggest Christmas e-commerce catalogue of Latin America.Individuals will be able to scan their cash using their cellphones and discover their exact worth in Mercado Libre, facilitated by an algorithm from Facebook. This new platform will also increase the cash monetary value and allow access to better products in the online catalogue.

Idea: This Christmas Mercado Libre will be in everybody’s pocket creating new online market avenues across Latin America and ultimately fulfilling the goal of the brand: Access for all to the world of online shopping.

Results: Transforming 2.5 billion bills nationwide,into the biggest christmas catalogue evermade resulting in 12 million dollars in increasedsales, 48% more than Christmas sales in 2018.

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Digital B to C