Volvo Car BeLux
"Volts by Volvo"

Client: Volvo Car BeLux
Product: Cars/ Green energy
Title: Volts by Volvo
Media: Touchpoints: Website, Seeding Film, Ivox survey, PR event, Stand Brussels Motor Show, Collaboration with energy supplier Eneco
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: Start: 17/01/2019

Background: People drive electric cars to lessen their impact on the environment. But 56% of them are not aware of the source of their electricity. Working towards its mission to be completely climate-neutral by 2025, Volvo Cars encourages people to not only drive electric, but also charge their car sustainably.

Idea: Volvo expanded its business from producing electrified cars to offering a green energy contract to charge them sustainably. ’Volts By Volvo’ is powered with pure wind and solar energy, giving electric drivers the possibility to truly drive electric as it's meant to be: no impact, zero emissions. 'Volts By Volvo' was launched at the Brussels Motor Show. And while all car brands talked about electrification, Volvo grasped the attention of the media by addressing the real elephant in the room.

Results: - Reach of 7.5 million Belgians, on a population of 11 million.- 71% will re-evaluate their current electricity contract- Volvo went up 1.2 points as a sustainable brand

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