"The Value of Fresh"

Client: Lidl
Product: Fresh Food
Title: The Value of Fresh
Media: Billboard, radio, tv, social, PR
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: 18/09/2019

Background: Lidl makes it a priority to promote fresh food in its communication. By offering the best quality for a reasonable price. But with every supermarket focusing on low prices, how do we convince consumers that eating fresh food is actually worth a lot more?

Idea: In a teasing outdoor campaign, we showed appealing shots of fresh vegetables and fruits... with a surprising price tag. We advertised absurdly high prices. Ofcourse this caught everyone's attention. Leading to a lot of questions in the press and on social media. In response, we explained the value of fresh in an integrated campaign on radio, tv and on social.

Results: The campaign reached 80% of Belgians and generated around 127 000 euros in earned media. It further shifted Lidl's image from being a price breaker, to a healthy choice.

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