Impact BBDO

"Snickers Hunger Insurance"

Client: MARS
Product: Snickers
Title: Snickers Hunger Insurance
Media: Retail, Digital, Outdoor, Poster, Film
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: Feb 10, 2020

Background: Everyone knows "You're Not You When You’re Hungry”. Being hungry has got people into all kinds of trouble as a result, and until now there’s been no place for them to turn. So SNICKERS decided to help.

Idea: SNICKERS launched its own insurance to cover people for the mistakes they make because they are hungry. Paying out in Snickers bars to get them back to being them. The first and only insurance of its kind, HUNGER INSURANCE paid out for literally anything, as long as it was down to hunger. We worked with real underwriters to develop an A.I. bot to assess claims. People came to our website, SNICKERSHUNGERINSURANCE.COM, to tell us about their blunder. The bot judged the severity and frequency of the blunder, using keywords and Google data. Then factored in data like time of day, mood, location to judge if it was because of hunger or not –to give a payout of between 1 and 50 Snickers through a mobile coupon redeemable at stores across the UAE. Just like any insurance, we kicked things off with an infomercial-style video, which asked people to make a claim for their hunger blunders. Testimonial films, social, audio ads and outdoor also drove our noble cause. To make a claim, people had to visit the website, speak to a chatbot, provide a few details of their hunger blunder, and receive a coupon for a payout of SNICKERS® bars redeemable at Circle K stores.

Results: The promo had a very direct and positive result not only for SNICKERS sales figures but also for brand health. SNICKERS also built a strong collaborative relationship with a key retail partner that would usually be uninterested in executing such equity building activities. 21% increase in foot traffic at retail outlets18% increase in weekly sales during the campaign period30% increase in brand association with hunger

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