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DDB & Tribal Vietnam
"Chatbot with 'tude"

Client: DDB & Tribal Vietnam
Product: DDB & Tribal Vietnam's Chatbot
Title: Chatbot with 'tude
Media: Digital
Country: Vietnam
Date Of Campaign: 01 February, 2020

Background: We wanted to create an official website for DDB & Tribal Vietnam. But we didn't want our website to be just another boring portfolio reel like all the other agencies. So we thought to ourselves, how can we cut through the crowd and differentiate from the rest?

Idea: Introducing the chatbot with 'tude - a fully-interactive website that reflects DDB & Tribal Vietnam's personality, thinking and culture. This chatbot promised to do it well, so we gave it the job. Here are a few words from our chatbot: "I am blue by morning. Green by noon. And grey by night. What am I? Ahem! I’m DDB & Tribal Vietnam’s new chatbot. Sure, I can do a lot more than just change background colours. I can show you our work, connect you to our social media pages and put you in touch with our Managing Director. Some may even say I have a lot of power in my hands. Speaking of arms, I don’t have any. But I am armed with a lot of pickup lines. And when I’m not busy listening to hardcore death metal, I like regaling internet strangers with tales about our agency. If you pop over, looking for funny cat videos, I won’t bother saying hello. By the by, have you seen that cat doing that little cat thing on Instagram? Ha. Gee, it looks like my schedule is wide open today. To keep me company, check out https://www.ddbtribal.vn"We launched the website with a series of posters demonstrating how it all the making of a perfect advertising employee. Please watch the case study to learn more.

Results: In all honesty, since it's newly launched (and due to the current crisis), we could not gather the right set of numbers yet. However, we did get a lot of PR at some of the top regional and global creative editorials.

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