Techo Latam

Client: Techo Latam
Product: Techo Latam
Title: Settlements
Media: Digital & Cinemas
Country: Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil & Colombia
Date Of Campaign: January 2nd

Background: Techo Latam is a non-profit organization with the purpose of overcoming poverty in Latin America and thus ending the settlements. To achieve the goal of raising $50K in donations to eradicate them, the creative strategy was to “launch the film” Settlements (Favelas) done by trailers of Latin American film directors, showing the reality of their settlements. To have a ticket, you had to enter the site and at the time of checkout, the film did not exist and the seat was a contribution to Techo Latam, raising more than $100 K in just a month.

Idea: The creative strategy focused on “launching the film” Settlements (Favelas) in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Brazil. For this, 5 trailers were created and ran in the aforementioned markets, these trailers were created by renowned film directors from each country and the media strategy focused on displaying these trailers on Facebook (Instagram) and YouTube, with support at the same movie theaters (billboards and trailer display before the movies), which invited to buy tickets for the movie on the site: At the time of entering the site, the users could choose their country, room and seats, but at the time of checkout the tickets they realized that the film did not exist and that for each seat they could donate to TECHO Latam their contribution to help disappearing the settlements.The Settlements campaign closed with the claim: "Settlements, a movie you didn't want to see."

Results: In just one month:• 2,715,170 website visits throughout Latin America (81% of the target).• 974,790 seconds of trailer reproduction.• 17,878 interactions throughout the community (79% of the target).• 10,423,000 people reached in social media (108% of the target).• And more than 100,000 dollars raised (100% on the target).

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