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"Pollution-Eating Paper"

Client: E.ON
Product: Energy Supplier
Title: Pollution-Eating Paper
Media: White Paper Document
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: October 2019

Background: Air pollution is the UK’s number one public health priority, contributing to 1 in 20 deaths. Energy supplier E.ON already offers innovative clean energy technologies to help reduce emissions, for both the consumer and business markets. But much more needs to be done.E.ON commissioned a ‘white paper’ to outline its newly developed clean air strategies, aimed at Whitehall policy-makers, business leaders, key stakeholders, clean air experts, and heads of industry.But these types of reports are traditionally dry and uninspiring. How could we create more engagement with such an important target audience at this crucial time?

Idea: To highlight E.ON’s commitment to improving air quality, we created a ‘white paper’ like no other - the world’s first pollution-eating document.The white paper was printed on a special stock infused with titanium dioxide - a compound with photocatalytic properties. Developed by a carbon-neutral paper mill, when it’s combined with light it reacts with airborne pollutants (eg nitrogen oxides), breaking them down into harmless by-products (nitrates).Titanium dioxide’s pollution-eating properties have been known for some time* – the pure white powder has been mixed with paint to create coatings that help reduce pollution, and with concrete so the very fabric of buildings has a positive effect on the air quality in the cities around them. But this is the first time titanium dioxide has been used in a paper stock for the same purpose.So, while you’re reading about E.ON’s plan of action to help reduce pollution, the document itself is already helping clean the air around you.Designed to demonstrate E.ON’s innovative ethos, it proves the company will explore every avenue and take every opportunity to help solve the air quality crisis.*’Modified TiO2 based photocatalysts for improved air and health quality’ -

Results: Distributed to 140 key opinion formers, the Pollution-Eating Paper delivered strong engagement and generated an exclusive set-piece interview with The Times.The Pollution-Eating paper was part of E.ON’s ‘It's Time To Clear the Air’ activity.The campaign has had a significant impact on shifting how people view the brand and what it stands for. Awareness of E.ON as ‘an energy provider that cares about the environment’ increased by 99%. Perception of E.ON as ‘an energy provider that is committed to tackling air pollution’ rose by 129%. And the knowledge that E.ON ‘has home solutions that can help tackle air pollution’ showed an uplift of 96%.Overall, people’s positive consideration of E.ON increased by 97%.

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