"Happy Commuter"

Client: Ramboll
Product: Engineering and Urban Planning
Title: Happy Commuter
Media: Digital tool, website
Country: Sweden
Date Of Campaign: 2 October, 2019

Background: Ramboll is a leading consultant in urban planning. In order to increase brand awareness among the public, attract new employees (engineers) and win new business contracts, we decided to show off the power of engineering. We developed a tool that addresses one of the major problems of our time - the air we breathe.

Idea: We created a tool that addresses one of the major problems of our time – the air we breathe. In real time, and for the first time, anyone can find the purest routes ahead. The innovative tool highlights Ramboll's vision of creating better societies for man and nature. To develop Happy Commuter, we used API’s that provide meteorological data, satellite data and traffic data. In real time, we can calculate the air quality. No matter where you are, no matter where you are going.

Results: The initiative was instantly picked up by the country's largest morning show, the country's biggest business newspaper and 95% of industry press wrote about the campaign. Tens of thousands of people used the tool and in a survey by Kantar Sifo the number of people who know about Ramboll today, compared to previous year, has increased by +430 000 people. This equals 4.5% of the entire Swedish population. In addition to the sharp increase in awareness, actual job applications to Ramboll increased by 3 981 to a total of 7 219, almost doubling. The initiative has also enabled an important discussion about air quality in Swedish cities and pushed politicians to take harmful air particles seriously.

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