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"The Greatest Reads"

Client: Beeline
Product: “Gigs for Brains” — a service which rewards users additional Gigs for reading e-books in the partner’s online library
Title: The Greatest Reads
Media: Digital landing page, social media, display ad, mobile ad, consumer generated content.
Country: Russia
Date Of Campaign: 1.11.2019 — 31.12.2019

Background: Beeline one of the biggest Russian telecom companies feels responsible for the fact that teens spend hours with smartphones wasting time on meaningless entertainment and have virtually lost interest in reading.Using a theme they’re really into, we tried to reignite their passion for books.

Idea: To bring youngsters’ attention back to books we decided to use what they are really interested in. Rap, the most popular music genre in Russia, has been connected to literature from the outset. Using machine learning we unwrapped these links and showed how it’s all intertwined.Here is the link to the digital project:

Results: We got more than a million visitors on the landing page, with every third visitor sharing the page. As a practical result we got more than a million pages read in the online library provided by Beeline. According to the brand survey, interest in reading has grown. 43% of teens that heard about the project have stated reading more.

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