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"Just Ok Gift Boxes"

Client: AT&T
Product: AT&T
Title: Just Ok Gift Boxes
Media: OOH
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 11/27/2019

Background: During the 2019 holiday season, AT&T wanted to reinforce its Best Network campaign message — "Just OK is not OK" — by reminding shoppers they shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. At the same time, AT&T wanted to reward shoppers who invested a significant amount of money in the season’s most desirable gift – a brand new phone.

Idea: No one wants a Christmas gift that is just OK. So to promote AT&T’s Best Network campaign "Just OK is Not OK" during the holidays, shoppers buying phones as gifts were targeted with an activation. The Just OK Gift Boxes were made in the shape of disappointing holiday gifts, such as a blender, a teapot or a football – items with distinguishable silhouettes even when wrapped with wrapping paper. Made in a 1:1 scale and of 100% recyclable material, the gift boxes could fit any phone box inside, so shoppers could hide their gift to prank their family and friends. The activation was promoted in-store while a microsite helped customers wrap the oddly shaped boxes with the help of tutorial videos. Customers were encouraged to film and post their gift-getters’ reaction unwrapping the boxes, leveraging an already existing behavior on social media around the holidays.

Results: Due to the popularity of the boxes, participating stores had to reorder them within the first 3 days of the promotion. A week before Christmas, they were sold out in all locations. AT&T is now planning to repeat the activation in 2020, expanding it to more stores and increasing the number of box designs.

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