Match Group
"Swipe Night"

Client: Match Group
Product: Tinder
Title: Swipe Night
Media: Digital Platform
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: 10/6/19

Background: Tinder, the pioneer of dating apps, launched in 2012 as a modern alternative to existing overly-complex desktop options. Through its revolutionary mobile-first UX and introduction of the now universally recognized swipe, it quickly became the leading platform for young people to connect. But after seven years, Tinder was facing steep competition from other dating apps and user fatigue, particularly among 18-25 year olds. For digitally native Gen Z, swiping on Tinder amounted to a mindless pastime, not an engaging way to meet and connect with other young people. While we contemplated creating a traditional marketing campaign to shift perceptions, we realized that the most powerful tool for resetting their relationship with Tinder was Tinder itself. Our goal was to give Gen Z singles a more meaningful way to match, while breathing new energy and cultural relevance into the Tinder brand.

Idea: Swipe Night is a first-of-its-kind, interactive miniseries inside the Tinder app where you make a series of choices that drive your personalized story forward and impact who you can match with. The choices are the key: while fun on the surface, they reveal something deep about your personality, which becomes crucial compatibility data to pool you with users who made similar choices. Finally, the choices are displayed on everyone’s profiles, serving as fun icebreakers.Swipe Night was made to instill excitement and intention back into Tinder and ended up pushing online dating forward. Bringing entertainment into the app to engineer compatibility, Swipe Night is a brand new way for people to match and connect.

Results: Swipe Night created a cultural moment that disrupted the norms of dating, entertainment and beyond, reclaiming Tinder’s throne as the dating-app innovator. Millions tuned in. - More viewers than the entire 2018/2019 seasons of some of TV’s most popular shows, including - Saturday Night Live and The Bachelorette - The premiere had 4x the viewership of the pilot episode of HBO’s Gen Z hit EuphoriaIt enhanced their Tinder experience. - 26% increase in matches over a typical Sunday night - 12% increase in messages among matches in the USCulture took notice in a big way. - 4 billion earned impressions - 1640% spike in Twitter mentions of Tinder upon release - Dubbed everything from “Product? Experience? TV Show?” to “The Future of Dating” reinforcing its first-of-its-kind and hard-to-classify nature - Named “one of the most innovative video companies of 2020” by Fast CompanySwipe Night will launch internationally and a second season is in development

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