Eden Creamery
"Ice Cream for Adults"

Client: Eden Creamery
Product: Halo Top
Title: Ice Cream for Adults
Media: Television
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 3/5/19

Background: Halo Top is an American challenger brand rapidly skyrocketing to success. They created a groundbreaking category—delicious ice cream that’s only 280-360 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint.In 2017, they were America’s best-selling pint. Subsequently a ton of copycats started to saturate the market trying to steal Halo Top’s market share. Halo Top needed to deliver a breakthrough message, cutting through a crowded and growing category, in a way that sets them apart while getting people talking.Most ice cream brands focus on showing happy people living their best lives eating a bowl of ice cream. We decided to focus on the emotional truth that leads full grown adults to eat an entire pint. Sometimes, being an adult is hard and that’s why adults NEED a lot of ice cream. With only 300 calories per pint, adults can eat as much as they want without the guilt.

Idea: Why do children get all the ice cream when adults are the ones who truly deserve it? Kids don’t have mortgages, strained relationships and thankless jobs. In these spots, children excitedly approach a what seems like a classic ice cream truck only to be greeted by a quick-witted ice cream man, who explains why adults deserve ice cream more than they do because adults lives are, well, terrible. The kids look at the ice cream man in bewilderment. They don’t get ice cream, but they do get some cold hard truth.

Results: Ice Cream for Adults campaign resulted in an increase to Halotop.com by almost 200% and Online sales per day also saw a 140% increase. Halo Top garnered 3.3MM+ impressions on Twitter, 3MM impressions on ABC Digital with a 98% completion rate on videos, and 7.9MM impressions between Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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