Zulu Alpha Kilo

SingleCut Beersmiths
"Big in Japan"

Client: SingleCut Beersmiths
Product: Big in Japan
Title: Big in Japan
Media: Online, Packaging, OOH
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: May 2019

Background: SingleCut is a New York City craft brewery inspired by rock ‘n’ roll. In 2019, the brand would debut a new beer in Japan - a nation big on rock music, gaming and QR codes.

Idea: Launch BIG IN JAPAN IPA, a Spotify - enabled beer that gamifies a music phenomenon. QR codes on BIG IN JAPAN IPA labels were designed to hold clues for songs that were literally big in Japan - turning each unique design into a Name That Tune Game. Scanning the codes led consumers to the actual tracks on Spotify, revealing the answers to the game.

Results: Big in Japan’s unique tech-driven approach to packaging delivered on SingleCut’s big ambitions. The promoted social media assets garnered the highest level of consumer engagement to date for the brand, resulting in four times the usual response level. The playlists on Spotify received over 5,000 unique visits, more than three times the visits SingleCut’s website typically receives in the same time frame. The beer sold out within two weeks of release, a first for the brand in that short a time period.

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