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Client: MARS PETCARE / ExxonMobil
Product: Pedigree / MOBIL DELVAC
Title: Mutts4Trucks
Media: Integrated, Online Films
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 9/27/2019

Background: Mobil Delvac cares about the well-being of truckers. Pedigree believes in the good that dogs bring to people. Truckers are twice as likely to suffer from obesity compared to the average U.S. worker. And 3.3 million dogs enter shelters in the US annually. By partnering together, we knew we could have a positive impact on the lives of truckers and dogs.

Idea: The core of our creative idea is centered around the idea that dog ownership can positively impact the lives of long-haul truckers. We began with a dog adoption event in the fall of 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. At the event, the drivers had a chance to play with and bond with the dogs before deciding to adopt them. The idea of giving truckers companions on the road and shelter dogs a home was a win-win. But the idea became truly innovative when we decided to prove it. We used innovative tracking methodology to track both the emotional and physical impact dogs had on our adopting drivers. To do so, we applied three different methodologies: (1) measuring emotional change through facial recognition technology (2) measuring human activity with FitBit and (3) measuring dog activity with Whistle. We tracked three drivers and their dogs with these in real time over a two month period, giving us a robust data set to understand the true emotional and physical transformation taking place.

Results: The impact of the Mutts4Trucks program has been both immediate and lasting. While the drivers were all very happy the day they adopted their dogs, that was only the beginning. We were able to gauge just how big of an impact by tracking both the emotional and physical impact their new dog had on them. After two weeks, the average increase in driver happiness was 71%. The average increase in steps taken per day was 88%. And the average increase in dogs time spent being active each day was 53%. Proving the positive impact dogs and truckers have on each other’s health. One of our drivers, Shannon Vogel, has lost over 30 lbs and is no longer afraid to park her truck overnight thanks to her new co-pilot, Cora. We can’t think of a more positive and empowering outcome. The campaign has generated an out-pouring of positive responses and praise on social media for both Pedigree and Mobil Delvac. Beyond the typical responses of “Love this!” and an over-emphatic use of heart emojis, the next most common response is “When is your next event?” and “How can I adopt?” All of this creates an enormous amount of goodwill for both brands.

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