Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Client: Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)
Product: Public Transport
Media: Radio spot, Out-of-Home, Ambient, Social Ads, Central indoor video display
Country: Germany
Date Of Campaign: March 12th, 2019

Background: Despite Germany's reputation as a socially progressive country, it has the second largest gender pay gap in Europe. Women in Germany are paid an average of 21% less than men, according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics. March 18th is Equal Pay Day in Germany. It was established in 1988 to draw attention to this inequality but has traditionally achieved low awareness. Because it falls just a few days after International Women's Day, Equal Pay Day receives very little attention and coverage from the German media. We wanted to bring attention to Germany's gender pay gap and take a stand for women's rights. Engage with Berlin women and promote BVG as a potential employer - with a strict policy of equal pay for equal work.

Idea: BVG aimed to make their brand more appealing to Berlin women - and more attractive as a potential employer. BVG sought to achieve this by addressing a sensitive and vital issue affecting German women: the 21% gender pay gap. BVG announced the action via PR, social media and all media sites and placements across their Berlin commuter network. Using their power and influence, BVG aimed to stand up for women's rights and then provide the ultimate solution: the Women’s Ticket payment receipt carried a targeted recruitment message guaranteeing equal pay for equal work. By announcing its strict equal pay policies, BVG would stand as an example to other businesses to address imbalances and close the gender pay gap once and for all.In the week before Equal Pay Day, BVG announced the Women’s Ticket and the 21% discount for women on March 18th. The call-to-action was placed across the Berlin transit network using posters, billboards, platform signage, ticket machine screens and digital screens inside busses, trams, and trains. This was supplemented by a press release, radio spot, website and paid social ads. On March 18th, BVG brought the Women’s Ticket to 600+ ticket machines across Berlin and unveiled a special Women’s Ticket Machine inside the Alexanderplatz subway station in the center of the city. The iconic machine used gender recognition technology to identify women and offer a full range of 21% discounted tickets - including yearly tickets with savings of 160 euros. The Women’s Ticket payment receipt carried a targeted message: "Instead of paying 21% less - earn 21% more.” - encouraging women to apply for careers with guaranteed equal pay at

Results: The BVG Women's Ticket action brought ‘Equal Pay Day’ onto the evening news of every German broadcaster on March 18th and sparked a global discussion on gender equality and equal pay.- Over 1,500 articles and reports- Featured in 66 TV news broadcasts in Europe- 6.7 billion media contacts- 107 million equivalent media value - Ticket sales increased by 3,600% on March 18th- March 18th search queries for 'Equal Pay' on increased by 1,900% compared to previous years on Equal Pay Day. (source: Google Trends, BVG internal research, media tracking by Argus Data Insights)

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Ambient / Guerilla / Outdoor