Vccp Spain

"Unbox Childlabour"

Client: Worldvision
Product: Childlabour
Title: Unbox Childlabour
Media: Digital
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: April 2019

Background: Unboxing videos are one of the most popular online content trends. Lot’s of youtubers and instagrammers, unbox and comment the products they are interest in. But … there is something we never get to see: what really happens before every unboxing. If so we would know that there are millions of kids forced to work.

Idea: Unbox Child Labour is a campaign based on strategically unskipabble pre rolls targeted upon the most searched keywords related to unboxing, to get consumers to be conscious about the reality behind many of the products we buy.

Results: Campaign was very successful in Spain, reaching more than a 300% of previous objectives, especially on conversion rates for new donations. The campaign was also exported to Germany, due to its success.

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