"Kurupt Websites"

Client: Audible
Product: Kurupt FM Websites
Title: Kurupt Websites
Media: Digital
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: 4th July 2019

Background: Audible challenged us to drive as many conversions to podcast downloads as possible while relaying the message that Audible is a creator of high-quality original content. The target audience was people aged 16-40 with a focus on existing Kurupt FM fans who were probably unaware that their favourite pirate radio station now had a new home on Audible.To promote Audible's new Kurupt FM 'Podkast', we created 6 websites for Chabuddy G’s (from comedy People Just Do Nothing) businesses. They were art directed just as if Chabuddy G had designed them himself, so pretty shoddy. That's why each website contained a radio/video ad with gifs, jpegs and web counters straight from 1998. Clickable links sent the visitor to the Audible Kurupt FM webpage, often via a “420 page not found” screen. These websites were shared directly to fans on social media by Chabuddy G. himself.

Idea: Chabuddy G is Kurupt FM’s manager from comedy People Just Do Nothing. He ‘sponsored’ the podcasts with a number of his business ventures via a series of audio ads. We took this further by creating websites in the style of Chabuddy G’s aesthetic (cheap & dated). Each website drove to the Audible site, allowing fans to make the association between high quality content they were familiar with and Audible.

Results: The Kurupt Websites campaign led to the Kurupt FM podcast being the most downloaded Audible podcast that month.

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