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Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation
"Curing Homesickness"

Client: Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation
Product: Mums Sause
Title: Curing Homesickness
Media: Short Film, Campaign Microsite, PR, Visual Identity, OOH, TV, Print, Radio, Digital, Social Media
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: July 2019

Background: People believe children’s hospitals are government funded. In reality, those hospitals rely entirely on donations. We had to find a way to unite Australians behind The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) to increase charitable donations.

Idea: Australian’s donate to individual illnesses, not the hospitals that treat them. So, we found something every kid in hospitals suffer from: Homesickness.We unified 8 children’s hospitals under one mission; cure homesickness. To launch we told the story of Ali, a homesick little girl in hospital who missed her mum’s pasta sauce. More than just an emotional story, the film was designed to get kids home. Every fictional scene happened in the real world. The 47 brands, media outlets and influencers in the film each produced products and experiences. From grocery shopping to delivery, fashion to entertainment – the entire nation could participate and donate through the things they buy every day. • Coles stocked Mums’ Sause in 816 stores the day the film launched • Disney, Marvel and EVENT cinemas held ‘coming home’ film festivals in each state• Assembly Label & Vogue launched an exclusive t-shirt line• Pasta Pantry developed 6 pasta dishes sold in store and via UberEATS• The soundtrack could be streamedFor each major partner we created a multi-channel owned and leveraged communication strategy, with tailored fundraising mechanics and individual communication strategies, harnessing data, spokespeople, influencers and real-life case studies.

Results: Mum’s Sause became the top selling pasta sauce at Coles, with two additional flavours added. We earnt 162 million free media impressions and over $4.6 million dollars of donated media space.This wasn’t a one-off campaign; it provides over $200k every month.Most importantly, we helped to get sick kids back to where they belong – home.

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