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Almacenes Éxito

Client: Almacenes Éxito
Product: Almacenes Éxito
Title: Prouducts
Country: Colombia
Date Of Campaign: 28/06/2019

Background: El Exito is a Colombian brand born 70 years ago. During this period of time it has been a member of Colombian families keeping them together as the traditional family model. Regarding this context, they decided to strategize from a brand and business transformation to really understand the present life of their actual clients and respond with a more accurate brand experience that adjusts to clients necessities. During this process they found a lot of changes in their social behavior, one of the most relevant, was how new families were created and gender expression, leading to motivate them even more seeking for that change and be included again inside new and modern Colombian homes where new generations live.

Idea: On June 28th, more than 70.000 people took over the main streets of Bogotá, Colombia to celebrate Pride day. To honor them and support the parade, we allied with 285 brands that quitted for their paid spots on our gondolas and reorganized them according to the strips of the LGBTI colors to recreate their flag. This way people didn’t just lived the pride on the streets, but also inside our aisles.

Results: we allied with 285 brands.we activate 3 Stores+700k Impresions+52k Organic Interactions$0 investment

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