Client: D&AD
Product: Masterclasses
Media: Direct Mail
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: Feb 2020

Background: D&AD. Unlike other big shows, it’s not for profit.So how does it survive?Masterclasses. Run by the best to teach the next gen of pencil winners.The budget to promote D&AD Masterclasses is tiny.So we committed sacrilege

Idea: We couldn’t afford any new assets, so we used the best one we have.The annual. That revered bible of the world’s most beautiful work.And we ripped it apart. We targeted industry leaders, found their pencil winning work in the annual, and tore it out.Then we sent the page to them with the personalised message:<Name>You know where great work ends up. But does the rest of your agency know where it begins?Next, we decided to give the media budget to D&AD’s competitors. You see, the other awards shows are the best media channel we have. By entering, the campaign will be seen by the creative leadership of some of the world’s biggest networks. The people who hold the training budget. The exact target audience.People like you.

Results: So far, ROI from the mailshot is 27:1.

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Not for Profit