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"The brand that took a stand"

Client: Unilever
Product: Marmite
Title: The brand that took a stand
Media: National Press
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: 28 March 2019

Background: Marmite’s taste has been dividing families over breakfast tables for over 100 years. People either LOVE IT or HATE IT. But sadly Marmite sales have declined over the years. However, we identified a topical and relevant opportunity to remind the nation that Marmite is intrinsic to the British breakfast – by using a subject most brands would regard as taboo. One that is just as divisive as Marmite…Brexit.

Idea: Our idea centred around the wordplay between BREAKFAST and BREXIT. This enabled Marmite to comment on the Brexit in a way that would raise a smile on both sides of the Brexit divide, while staying true to its role as the breakfast spread that has been Dividing The Nation Since 1902.So when the Brexit chaos peaked, with the government voting on proposals ranging from: "Hard Brexit" to "Soft Brexit" to "No Brexit” we hit the papers the very next morning. Right next to all the Brexit coverage - and right at the time we wanted people to be thinking of Marmite.

Results: An overwhelming majority were very glad our brand spoke out and offered some much needed light relief on the subject.Over 2.3 million individuals were reached across print the morning after The Commons meltdown. The print campaign generated over 123,000 engagements in terms of loves, hates and shares.And best of all, we achieved 80% positive sentiment in conversation; quite a feat for such a contentious subject and such a simple press ad.

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