"Project XY"

Client: Nulon
Product: Motor Oils
Title: Project XY
Media: online films, social, POS, digital
Country: Australi
Date Of Campaign: December 2017 to July 2018

Background: Nulon is a family-owned, independent Australian motor oil brand taking on global competitors like Shell, Castrol and Valvoline who have multi-million dollar budgets and over 100 years of brand heritage passed down through generations.In 2017 Nulon attracted an audience of 2.5 million Aussie car lovers with a content series of 32 mini documentaries that told the stories of real Aussies and the amazing cars they’d built and modified.To capitalise on this audience in 2018, Nulon needed to capture consumer data, drive footfall to primary retail partners, and convert to purchase of Nulon products.

Idea: We decided to put Nulon’s money where their mouth is by undertaking their own car rebuild project, turning a rare classic of Aussie motoring history – a 1971 Ford Falcon XY – into the ultimate street machine, no expense spared. It was a mammoth project, documented from start to finish across 8 webisodes and social media. The rebuild included a ground up restoration of every square inch, a fully restored and beefed-up 630hp engine, upgraded brakes, suspension, totally restored interior detailing and sexy GT replica body work to morph into an amazing Australian muscle car.The video series built desire for the vehicle while also showing the brand’s dedication to motoring perfection Then, in episode 3, we made the big announcement: the Project XY GT Replica street machine was up for grabs by one lucky consumer. Fans could get one entry for free, but increased their chances with 10 more entries for every purchase of a Nulon product at retail outlets.The content series was supported by social posts, sponsored posts and digital display advertising, print and a suite of POS in-store.Consumer data was captured with every entry, building a remarketing pool to reach with further social posts and eDMs throughout the campaign.

Results: The short version:1.37 millions views29 millions impressions+$1.7million in additional sales------------The long version:By selecting a much-loved classic Aussie car we were inviting controversy from our audience. And we couldn't have asked for a better social media storm to spike interest, generate debate, and ultimately win over the audience in the end.With the launch episode, social media commentary began:"Way to ruin a perfectly good XY""Omg what have you done???""Sheer vandalism!"By episode 3, commentary had become:"Loving this machine!!""This is going to look insanely clean when it's done!"By the end, we had them eating out of the greasy palm of our hand:"Wouldn't change a thing, Perfect""Absolute beast""I don't need a oil change but I'll do one anyway with Nulon oil"Project XY generated over 1.37 million views and 29 million impressions. In total there was over 1.5 million minutes of viewing time. The car was even featured across 4 pages in Australian Street Machine magazine, with a circulation of 780,000 readers and is the country’s biggest selling and most respected modified car magazine. Nulon’s Project XY competition attracted 54,909 entrants (+9.8% over target) with over 161,000 entries, creating a database of nearly 55,000 consumer contact details for future Nulon CRM. These customers made an additional 10,000 purchases of Nulon products from retail outlets during the content campaign period (compared to 2017 sales) generating a total increase in sales of +$1.7 million (compared to same period in 2017).Nulon’s retail partners loved the originality and cut-through of this content campaign in the auto-retail market – and especially the increased footfall it delivered to their stores – making Nulon’s relationship with these retail suppliers stronger than ever and providing them with optimum store presence.In July 2018, Neil Horsley from New South Wales won the 1971 Nulon Ford XY GT Replica. He was very happy indeed.

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