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The College Board

Client: The College Board
Product: SpringBoard
Title: Bonsai!
Media: Direct mail
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: June 2018

Background: A curriculum with a real difference:The College Board, known for the AP and SAT, has an educational product called SpringBoard that is designed for Grades 6-12, with both Math and English Language Arts components. SpringBoard is truly different from the market-leaders, offering a visibly different classroom experience, digital support, along with a deeper, more personal level of teacher support and training. While SpringBoard has achieved some success nationwide, it’s still considered a challenger brand. We sought to challenge that notion.

Idea: A living, breathing package:Over the past year, our messaging directly addressed and reinforced educators’ passion for what they do, using the campaign theme, “This is why we teach”. Our mailing built on that platform with a simple yet compelling idea: SpringBoard breathes life into classrooms in a way that you can see, feel and believe. To create drama and attention, we developed a high-impact mail package with a live bonsai tree inside.

Results: Unmatched—ever:The benchmark for this effort, a 6-8% lead-generation rate, was thought be a bit aggressive. But we soared past the barriers, the reluctance and the doubt. The campaign landed a 22% in-person lead rate. The sales team rallied to meet the demand of the meetings, and inclusion in Curriculum RFPs from these meeting was 100%.

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