Saint Maclou
"Mister Tuto"

Client: Saint Maclou
Product: Distribution
Title: Mister Tuto
Media: TV / Cinema / Radio / Press / Online Video
Country: France
Date Of Campaign: February, 17, 2019

Background: Saint Maclou is a French heritage brand that hasn’t really communicated for the last 25 years. The result: French people still think that it only sells old-fashioned products, from carpets to rugs, whereas for 5 years now it’s been selling an entire range of products for flooring (wooden floor, lino, carpeting, mosaic tiles…), for walls (wallpaper, tiles, paint), and for windows (curtains, blinds).If the brand has kept a low profile in recent years, that’s because it’s been reinventing itself, by refining its business model with essential products and an installation service. That service is what gives the brand a competitive edge by promising a perfect result in the customer’s home thanks to specifically employed professional fitters, whereas competitors only offer to put them in contact with fitters once the products have been purchased.The 2019 campaign has 2 main goals:- To put Saint Maclou back on the map in France by refashioning the brand - To reiterate Saint Maclou’s business model, highlighting that they sell products for flooring, walls, and windows but also that they are a service company that’ll go a step further by fitting products

Idea: “Watching a tutorial doesn’t make you a pro”The fitting service is at the heart of the new light-hearted and humorous campaign to mark the return of Saint Maclou on our screens after 25 years.It depicts a man who has watched so many tutorials that he’s confident in any situation, and that’s exactly why he often fails. He thinks he’ll be able to help a woman give birth on an airplane because “he has watched a tutorial”, he’s sure he can set off fireworks because “he has watched a tutorial”, he’s convinced he can drive a Cobra car because “he has watched a tutorial”. A rhetoric that repeats itself in situations that become more and more peculiar, before his wife, when it comes to the fitting of their new wooden floor, decides to use her common sense and call Saint Maclou’s fitters.It’s a campaign that continues online too, finding itself on various media platforms, and here it’s equally as random and quirky as “I watched a tutorial”.

Results: Saint Maclou is back on the map in France, with more than a 40% increase in traffic on the website.The fitting service is met with great success as the number of quotes are multiplied by 6.

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