The Economist
"Going round in circles"

Client: The Economist
Product: The Economist
Title: Going round in circles
Media: OOH/Ambient
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: Jan 2019

Background: In 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union in what has become known as Brexit. However the negotiations on the terms of departure had caused much disagreement and resulted in a stalemate in Parliament as the government went backwards and forwards to Brussels trying to broker an impossible deal, much to everyone’s frustration. As a thought leading publication the Economist wanted to remind people that it was filled with smart, informed opinions during turbulent times.

Idea: Our solution was a highly targeted OOH experiential stunt that reinforced the Economist’s position as a thought leader by drawing attention to the circular nature of the Brexit negotiations.On the day of the critical vote in Parliament, we drove a van with the headline “Tired of going round in circles?” round, and round, and round Parliament Square, for 12 hours, right under the noses of the politicians. The back of the van showed a CTA which directed watching

Results: The van was seen by politicians throughout the day and night, though given we’re still in the mess, we’re not sure how many bothered reading the article!

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Ambient / Guerilla / Outdoor