SickKids Foundation
"SickKids VS: #10YearChallenge"

Client: SickKids Foundation
Product: SickKids Hospital
Title: SickKids VS: #10YearChallenge
Media: N/A
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: January 15, 2019

Background: SickKids Foundation is the fundraising organization for the Hospital for Sick Children whose mission is to make every kid a healthy kid. Research into our donors showed that an important motivator for their support is to see the everlasting impact their donations make on sick children. Many of them follow SickKids social media pages to see how our patients are bravely overcoming some of the worlds toughest illnesses. This inspired us to look for special ways to show our core supporters how their help changes thousands of lives.The #10YearChallenge became a social media craze overnight. Millions of people across all major social media networks shared two side-by-side photos of themselves ten years apart; one from 2009 and one from 2019. We realized that if the challenge is taken through the lens of SickKids hospital, we can give it a complete new purpose and tell the story of patient transformation and how donors helped make it happen.

Idea: #SickKidsVS#10YearChallenge - a unique and simple content play that shows the transformative nature of SickKids hospital. In a series of social posts, we told success stories of former patients whose lives have transformed over the last 10 years thanks to the care they received at SickKids. Each social post ending with the line “The difference is SickKids.” We saw in the #10YearChallenge an opportunity to deliver a timely response that was both on-brand and effective in its simplicity. The idea went from conception to execution in just one day. We knew that we could not be late to market and had to act quickly.We tapped into the viral moment by launching the campaign to SickKids followers on January 18, 2019 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We selected four of the most compelling stories of SickKids patients who battled life-altering medical conditions a decade ago, but overcame each of their unique challenges. For example, one post shares the story of a former patient, Madi Scott, an Elon University dance team captain preparing to graduate with two degrees, who, ten years earlier, was a cancer patient facing an uncertain future.

Results: In less than 24 hours, we created the best performing social posts for SickKids Foundation to date. Each post was not only widely shared and liked, but also inspired and encouraged many people to share their family experience with SickKids and their own #10YearChallenge photos in replies and comments. Key Highlights: - Reached over 439,000 people with $0 spent on media - 15x more post engagement than SickKids Foundation’s Facebook page average o Average = 332 engagements per post o Achieved = 4,989 engagements - 6x more post engagement than SickKids Foundation’s Instagram page average o Average = 1,300 engagements per post o Achieved = 8,065 engagements

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