"Dacia Way ( I Like it)"

Client: Dacia
Product: Dacia brand
Title: Dacia Way ( I Like it)
Media: online video
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: 12th Feb 2018 - 30th March 2018

Background: Dacia had two challenges. Firstly, UK consumers were unfamiliar with the brand. Secondly, with such a value proposition, the products were perceived as a compromise in terms of quality. We were tasked with overcoming these misconceptions.We wanted to achieve two things: • Build brand familiarity and a retargeting pool in an online environment.• Drive consideration by leveraging the huge satisfaction of existing customers. Building on the successful ‘another one drives a Duster’ campaign, we found the perfect creative hook at brand and product level – a rework of KC & the Sunshine Band’s 70 hit ‘That’s the Way (I Like It)’.Dat-cha (brand association/awareness); I like it (product quality/consideration).We executed this campaign across multiple platforms to reach an expansive target audience. At every point we steered our audience towards the glowing reviews of real Dacia customers on the Dacia website.

Idea: Based on our two goals for the campaign, our strategy focused on communicating the brand creatively, and driving traffic to Reevoo.We wanted to harness the power of their independent reviews in order to educate a wider audience that any preconceptions they might have around product quality were unfounded. The customer review scores show that buying a Dacia doesn’t mean compromising on quality or product features.With such clear and demonstrable customer satisfaction, it would be very hard for prospective customers to challenge the real experiences and brand affinity that real customers have. So, we proposed an online brand campaign, where we could be targeted with our media spend in order to firstly drive awareness with hero content and then secondly retarget with shorter form content to drive consideration and clicks.This two-pronged approach solved the brand’s challenges around awareness, association and importantly pronunciation. It also created a seamless online user journey where users could easily click through and read for themselves detailed customer reviews and the independent substantiation and proof behind our campaign messaging.Following from the brand’s successful song-jack of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ to create ‘Another one Drives a Duster’ campaign, we were required to follow this same creative approach, but this time solve multiple challenges at both brand and product level.KC & The Sunshine Band’s smash hit ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’ gave us the perfect platform to maintain creative consistency but also solve these significant challenges in an upbeat, disco funk-themed celebration of the brand’s success as Europe’s fastest selling car brand.The use of this particular disco smash landed every message the Dacia brand needed to hit home. ‘Dacia Way’ delivered the brand and the pronunciation, driving awareness, it also delivered the ‘I like it’ message, giving viewers a reason to believe in the brand and its cars, directly challenging preconceptions around product quality for such a value price tag.After creating a suite of optimised video content to address Dacia’s needs in terms of brand awareness and the quality of the Dacia brand, we needed to ensure that this content would be seen by the right eyes and increase our chances of engagement. So, we partnered with Google’s Unskippable Labs and OMD to craft a communications plan that enabled us to deliver some truly branded ‘hero’ pieces of content that focused on reach and awareness, followed by targeted assets that would drive traffic to and increase brand recall and consideration. Phase 1 assets were made up of a 60-second and 30-second optimised videos that were pushed out through YouTube and Facebook – these assets also enabled us to build retargeting pool of consumers who engaged with the hero content. Phase 2 retargeted Dacia’s four key audiences with bespoke 6-second YouTube ‘bumper’ ads, plus we reran the 30-second hero video, and provided a suite of static Facebook social ads which gave another push to site. Our Dacia Way case study brings together a threesome of wins for us and the client – a unique set of challenges to address, a creatively innovative execution, and impressive results.This campaign brought something totally fresh to the marketplace in terms of car advertising and helped Dacia stand out from the competition. The creative execution showcased our ability to come up with fresh ideas for a brand, and then execute the creative concept across multiple channels.

Results: With 8.5 million unique views of the content across social media channels – including 4.8 million on YouTube – the campaign achieved plenty for its online ad spend. In total, more than 810 hours were spent with the video ad (a meaningful interaction).We drove 10.1K clicks to Dacia’s website, helping to increase visits to the brand’s product pages by 27.4% during the campaign, increasing the Duster retargeting pool for sales activity. The campaign produced a view-through rate of 50.4% which is 15% higher than YouTube’s automotive benchmark.We also hit no.1 on The Drum’s Creative Works Leaderboard during the first weeks of campaign, receiving more than 1,100 votes.The client liked it too. Dacia’s Marketing Manager, Ed Preston, said ‘Dacia Way’ was “a celebration of the Dacia brand community … another great success”. We’ve also had positive feedback from new and existing Dacia customers. Results in brief• 8.5 million unique views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.• Outperformed automotive benchmarks by 15% in terms of view-through rate• 10.1K unique visits• Total visits to the website increased by 21.5% vs the previous 48 days• Dacia Duster configurations up 40%Results in detailPaid social:• 28,239 clicks driven across link activity, with an overall CTR of 1.24% with the generic copy taking 67% of these clicks. • 50% users were reached using mobile devices compared to desktop. 70% of our Facebook views came from users watching with sound off.

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