iTribe Social Inc.

iTribe Social Inc
"Our Media Will Take You"

Client: iTribe Social Inc
Product: Video Media
Title: Our Media Will Take You
Media: Video
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: March 20th, 2019

Background: We have identified that a point of pain within the market lies with a misunderstanding of what video media can provide. How it can take a brands message and bring their clients though the journey visually with impact.

Idea: To take clients on a journey through their own mindset when it comes to communication via video. From the onset of being lost in the storm of online media, to the journey of freeing their minds with the media we provide; bringing their message and narrative to light.I chose to prompt viewer response and interaction in the form of enabling sound. Since it is one of the strongest metrics in video over social media, it was a good place to peak interest and disrupt viewership.

Results: Secured 3 high-level contracts with the short campaign launch of the video. We also noticed an increase in overall viewership retention in the piece. We are currently running further testing to see if it was the user response that created the retention in viewership or simply the media itself.

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