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Carrosserie Autospritzwerk Ludwig AG
"Small Cars with Big Dents"

Client: Carrosserie Autospritzwerk Ludwig AG
Product: Car Body Work
Title: Small Cars with Big Dents
Media: Direct Mailing
Country: Switzerland
Date Of Campaign: September 2018

Background: The name “Ludwig” is synonymous with top-notch bodywork and paintwork. The 3,000 or so internationally renowned “Bündnerbikes” – the bike made on behalf of Bucherer that costs almost 2 million Swiss francs – are just some of the vehicles that were built, customized, and tuned by the company. Alongside these customized Harleys, Ludwig also builds and styles vehicles ranging from classic cars to everyday automobiles on a daily basis; it also restores them following accidents and gets them looking their best. The aim was now to remind insurers of this broad spectrum of services, with the snowy and body damage-rich Swiss winter season in mind – and to ensure that they direct their customers’ accident-damaged vehicles straight to Ludwig.

Idea: A high-quality dialog marketing campaign was launched. In order to boost the prospects of success, Ludwig sent the mailings on a staggered basis. The mailings guided recipients to a landing page and were followed up by the boss himself. The first step was a classic direct mailing in the form of a smashed-up toy car, exhorting recipients to swing by Ludwig, “however small the damage.” Alongside the response element in the mailing, recipients could also check in on the landing page itself.

Results: Thanks to the dialog marketing campaign, Ludwig can look forward to the winter season with burgeoning order books. They were able to submit quotes to 40% of the insurers after telephone follow-up.

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