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El Corte Ingles
"PC Experience"

Client: El Corte Ingles
Product: Modern PCs
Title: PC Experience
Media: Escape room
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 25/11/2018

Background: 1/2 of the consumers don’t know what PC to choose, 79% don’t interact with the computers when they are in the store and 60% of the buyers are not satisfied with the purchase as they chose a computer that didn’t fit their needs.People change their computers approximately every 5 years and there are huge new developments that a lot of potential consumers do not know.Then, our main goals were to position the new category of Modern PC in these spaces:El Corte Inglés: Personalized service, knowledge and experience in the PC world. Top of mind for a shopping place for Modern PC. Communicate and educate the consumer on their advantages.Microsoft and Intel Modern PCs: Best in class software and hardware:- Slim and light computers.- Excellent autonomy and battery life- SSD Hard Drive- Ultra fast processors

Idea: PC Experience is a 360º branded content campaign developed around an involving, exciting and innovative experiential event: a technological escape room. Escape Room.Components:Innovation lab, where consumers - target 18 to 40 years - and El Corte Inglés’ technology sales team experienced first-hand the innovations of the latest PCs.Under the premise of living innovation from within, participants went inside a latest generation computer to beat one challenge: they had 30 minutes to escape by solving 8 mental challenges. Each of them associated with one of the PC’s newest features.Teams: 2 to 6 players. Two teams for each session. 15 “ Onboarding30 “ Play timePhotocall and Product Showroom.Narrative. Teams went through a “light tunnel” to the PC inners. Running against time and helped by the Game Master and the El Corte Inglés Innovation Experts, each team has to solve the 8 challenges on 30 “ time. The faster will be the winner.

Results: - Callao’s digital screen: +1 million impacts - Press conference: +43 millions impacts,- Social Media: +7 million reach, +600.000 engagement, positive sentiment.- Sales Team Training: 100% satisfaction, intention of prescription: 98’7%- Influencers: 903.291 views in Instagram Stories, 6.668 total engagement.- Press attendance to the event: 82.107 impressions, 70.424 reach, 15.275 engagement.- Total Media Value ROI: 466.400 €- Event participation: +1000 clients.- All the tickets were sold out, the ones for the last turn was sold out in just 15 minutes.

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