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Dry July
"Ducking Autocorrect"

Client: Dry July
Product: Fundraising 2018
Title: Ducking Autocorrect
Media: Radio
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 01/06/2018

Background: After a few to many alcoholic beverages our phone’s autocorrect text system often proves very difficult to navigate and sometimes we end up sending text messages that make little to no sense. We used this problem as our main insight for the campaign.

Idea: Dry July is a charity asking people to give up alcohol during July to raise money for those affected by cancer. We highlighted one of the benefits of giving up the booze for the month, text message autocorrects, a tell-tale sign of having had a few too many. For all of July your texting woes will be put to bed, so you can safely and happily put down the glass and pick up the phone.

Results: Dry Tunes radio in 2018 was a key part of a suite of communications that was used by the Dry July Foundation to help the charity have one of its most successful years in its history. 2018 saw an approximate rise of 87% in participation in Dry July event (tracked by sign ups with the Dry July Foundation) verses 2017 perception. And significantly saw an approximate rise of 79% in donations to the Dry July Foundation verses 2017 figures, equivalent to millions of dollars more given to the fight against cancer.

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