Crystal Cruises

Client: Crystal Cruises
Product: Cruises
Title: Sisters
Media: Press
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: January 2019

Background: Most cruise companies show shots of big white ships and guests decked in jewellery. Crystal wanted to buck this trend. They create a place where you can feel truly yourself. This gives guests the space to re-connect with the people they love.

Idea: We put guests at the heart of the campaign. Then we created teeny, three-line stories. There is enough in the story to create intrigue – but plenty is left to the imagination. This connects the reader with the guests in the photograph. And it gives you a sense of the emotional journey Crystal takes you on.We also made certain that we highlighted something in each story to show what is so unique about the experience. In this case it was Nobu's only restaurant at sea. But we did it in a subtle way so the language feels natural and authentic. We wanted the image to feel authentic too. It was shot just after a typhoon, which is why the sky is so dramatic. There was some retouching to create a sense of heightened reality and excitement. But it has a natural, easy feel. There is an underlying sense that the experience is incredibly luxurious. But we purposely avoided showing luxury in the shots. After all, luxury is a personal thing. It's something that should put you totally at ease. It should be whatever you want it to be.

Results: New monthly visits to the website have gone up by 11.2%.Direct bookings have gone up by 1,150%Conde Nast love the work so much that they now put it in the inside front cover every month. At no extra charge.

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