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Hostettler Autotechnik AG
"My car, my passion – we have a sense for cars!"

Client: Hostettler Autotechnik AG
Product: car services
Title: My car, my passion – we have a sense for cars!
Media: Commercials for Youtube and Social Media
Country: Switzerland
Date Of Campaign: from 9. april 2018

Background: AUTOFIT is an association of independent specialist garages and is the largest multi-brand network in Switzerland with some 280 partners. All customers are welcome at AUTOFIT garages, regardless of the brand and age of their vehicles. The garage owners take professional care of their customers’ “babies” as if they were their own vehicles. The aim was to develop a campaign to raise the brand awareness of AUTOFIT.

Idea: The necessary range was ensured by means of an advertising spot that showed how AUTOFIT mechanics take care of even the smallest detail – such as the bobblehead figure – in the car with a lot of love and empathy. In order to foster a dialog, viewers were prompted in the credits to show their "favorite things" about their cars, and then take part in a public vote for a chance to win a road trip on the legendary Route 66 highway in the US.

Results: The campaign was extremely successful. More than 1000 viewers took part in the public vote. AUTOFIT recorded a 300% increase in the number of clicks its website received as well as a 24% increase in brand awareness following the campaign. The partners were also able to tangibly benefit from the success of the campaign, as business increased by 20% in their garages.

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