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"Unbox the best of Lisboa Games Week"

Client: Worten
Product: Worten Game Ring
Title: Unbox the best of Lisboa Games Week
Media: Event
Country: Portugal
Date Of Campaign: 15 - 19 November 2019

Background: Worten, Portugal’s biggest electronics and house appliances retailer, has been on a mission to create a relationship with gamers. Therefore, we created Worten Game Ring, a platform that communication with gamers through an exclusive brand system visual codes, language and behavior.Therefore, it had to be present at Lisboa Games Week, Portugal’s largest gaming event, to reinforce notoriety, positioning and establish Worten at the top of mind of the gamer community, strengthening the emotional bond with the target by sharing a lifetime experience.

Idea: “Unbox the best of Lisboa Games Week” was our motto for the campaign and event. In the world of gaming everything begins with a cardbox. Be it a new game, new console or new keyboard. So, at one of the most technological events ever we had a stand made of card board. In an event with 60.000 visitors, we did amateur and pro e-sports tournaments and lauched Pokemón Go! In a special activation with over 700 players. But gaming is also entertainment, and no one was able to resist the Challenges we created for the audience and famous influencers.In the last day we challenged all of the LGW visitors to take part in the biggest unboxing ever made. Everyone could unbox the whole WGR Stand and discover prizes!

Results: IN LOCO covering to Worten’s and WGR’s social media: 204 contents in 4 days (381.964 online views, 40.000 offline views)30 hours of live streaming at Worten Game Ring Twitch3.916.583 reached people with the shared content26.637 live views through WGR’s Twitch587 new Twitch followers10.000 messages exchanged through WGR chat during 4 daysAnd extensive media coverage from RTP Arena, Cidade FM radio, specialized media and TV Cine.

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