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Client: Google Indonesia
Media: TVC, Digital Video, Music Video, OOH, Banner Ad, Train Station Branding, Mass Transportation Branding, Gas Station Branding
Country: Indonesia
Date Of Campaign: 27 November 2017

Background: RURAL AUDIENCE PERCEIVE YOUTUBE AS A 'DATA EATER'Indonesian sees smartphones as an opportunity to access more information, more entertainment and a means to socialize. It helps keep them entertained, connected and updated. For this audience, the most valuable aspect of the internet is in the opportunity to build confidence, knowledge and skills through educational videos. YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. Consumption of YouTube in Indonesia is growing rapidly. It is starting to overtake television as the main source of daily video consumption. But in emerging markets, internet connections can be slow, data is expensive, and locally-relevant content is often hard to find. Out of the 112 million people living in rural Indonesia, less than 10% accesses YouTube content daily. This is due to the high cost of data in Indonesia and specifically YouTube being perceived as a “data-eater”.So We created a product-extension from scratch under the YouTube flagship brand, but with differentiated offering and proposition. Hence, retaining YouTube’s equity while shedding its negative perception.YOUTUBE GO AS THE SOLUTIONYouTube Go is designed to counter the perception that YouTube is expensive and inaccessible by providing them with better data control features, greater transparency on spending data, and tools that empower sharing and social discovery (P2P). YouTube Go is designed with the new technology user in mind, and meets our users on their level, in their local market.

Idea: People fear what they cannot control. YouTube Go remove the fear towards online video by allowing users to select the size and quality of the video before watching. We create our communication more inclusive by avoiding jargons and language that are often used in tech communication. We use Pawang (EN: Shaman) which in Indonesia means someone who can control something.We borrowed this vernacular to explain that YouTube Go transforms its users into a ‘Data Shaman’. Somebody that has control over their data when watching online video.Television was chosen as the main channel to create awareness as it delivers 96% penetration rate to reach our audience (Nielsen Consumer Media View, 2017). The commercial narrated, in a grounded way, how YouTube Go is a type of shaman that doesn’t necessarily control the weather or spirits, but mobile data.We use Dangdut as the most popular music genre in Indonesia and collaborated with Siti Badriah, a celebrity whose well-known by the audience as a Dangdut singer. We create an original song and music video titled, “Bojoku Pawang Kuota” (ENG: My Spouse Is a Data Shaman). Through AdMob, the brand was able to specifically target users that used low-end smartphone and those who have installed other data-lite applications onto their phones. A/B and channel (Admob, Facebook and Instagram) testing also played a role in finding out the best creative format, messaging and channel that work most effectively for the audience before scaling up the campaign.

Results: Since this was a new product, we used benchmarks from other Google products launch in Indonesia and implemented a phased testing plan before ramping up. In conclusion, the success of this campaign will be measured against other Google Indonesia app launch campaign. From Brand Health Tracking we’ve discovered we’ve reached a double digits awareness uplift that was two times higher compared to target, achieving the highest ever uplifts in key brand metrics across all campaigns that we have ever done in country (such as usage intent and brand love) not just for YouTube Go, but also the YouTube brand as a whole. YouTube achieved the highest unaided brand awareness for entertainment app in Indonesia.We more than doubled the app activations target which led to the YouTube Go app becoming the number 1 ranking free Android App in Indonesia across all categories during the launch and a true testament to the success of the campaign (Google Play Dashboard, 2018). YouTube Go also become the fastest growing and most used new YouTube app globally. The campaign drive YouTube Go Indonesia to reach more than 60 million users, the one of the highest globally.The mass adoption of YouTube Go in Indonesia makes this campaign one of the most efficient app install campaigns at Google globally, 5x lower cost of acquisition than any other app install campaign in the country (Google Internal Data, 2018).We tripled the target number of daily active viewers. The campaign nearly doubled the number of hours of video being watched on the app, and also nearly doubled the retention rate of the app vs. global average (Google Internal Data, 2018).

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