Client: Coppel
Product: Fashion Market
Title: Colors
Media: Guerrilla
Country: Mexico
Date Of Campaign: September 2018

Background: As a fashion retail store, Fashion Market has the mission to make fashion accesible for everyone including people with dissabilities.

Idea: Using the synesthesia principles (the neurophysical phenomenon of transfering the perceptions of one sense to another when one sense is missing) we created an experiment that could help Erika, a blind girl, choose clothes of her favorite again. We curated a selection of clothes that covered the whole chromatic spectrum and created a music track with this spectrum sound equivalence. In a motion sensitive rack, the track changed acording to the color Erika stood in front of. This way, when she found a part of the music track she liked, she was really choosing colors and clothes.

Results: The experiment was successful, so, for spring-summer 2019, Fashion Market implemented this technology in its stores to include blind people.

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