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"Insurance To The Rescue"

Client: Cognizant
Product: Cognizant Brand
Title: Insurance To The Rescue
Media: Online video
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: Q4 2018

Background: Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services and technology companies, works with global businesses to pioneer new frontiers in their fields. But to convey Cognizant’s belief that these kinds of digital advances only matter if they help advance everyday lives, we put the focus of our stories in the same place our business leader target audience puts its focus: on the end-customer.

Idea: Through the eyes of an understandably confused couple, “Insurance To The Rescue” uses a light touch to demonstrate how technology can solve a serious problem that’s becoming all too familiar — the inability of an insurance adjuster to physically access a disaster area at a time when those affected by the storm need the insurance company’s assistance the most.

Results: The campaign has successfully met its key metric, increasing awareness of Cognizant’s digital capabilities, in ways both quantifiable and qualifiable. In a recent ITSMA study, awareness of Cognizant as a provider of digital transformation solutions has risen to third in a field of more than 40 competitors.

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