"Entertainment Agency"

Client: DARE.WIN
Title: Entertainment Agency
Media: Digital & Games
Country: France
Date Of Campaign: 8 August 2018

Background: The brief was to switch from traditional methods of recruitment in order to create the most entertaining job interview ever. Why? To get as much visibility as possible, and stand out from other agencies in order to attract the best possible creative profiles from all over the world. (And because traditional job interviews are just too boring.)The problem: there was very little time to do so, and a budget of - actually - 0€.

Idea: We used the biggest entertainment trend of the year: Fortnite. The free to play online game gathering 125 millions of players all around the world became a new place for interviewing candidates. Using the voice-chat feature of the game, we interviewed participants while playing with them against enemy teams.To apply, all candidates had to do was to add us on Fortnite (via the PlayStation Network) and we would schedule a game with them after reviewing their portfolio.The interviews lasted for the duration on a Fortnite match (during 10 to 20 minutes). Having a common objective (surviving together against other players) totally changed the way we conducted interviews as participants felt freer to speak, less timid and the process became - as we had hoped - much less formal. Candidates who didn’t play Fortnite or who could not be still able to request a more traditional interview by reaching us at [email protected].To launch the campaign, all we did was make a key visual and write a few lines explaining the concept, it was then posted on our social and sent as a small press release to international media out of France.

Results: This campaign generated massive visibility for the agency and drove a high amount of participation. 600 friend requests on PSN.250 applications on [email protected]50 interviews conducted on Fortnite in total.People applied from all over the world, from different nationalities and background (creatives coming from Turkey, Sweden, Mexico, and so on). 120 international articles talked about this campaign, in more than 16 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, etc.) and more than 190 million impressions on social platforms.Also, one of EPIC GAMES’ directors (Simon Jones), congratulated the creative team for the campaign on Linkedin. Finally, the Fortnite job interview was a no-budget commercial success. The agency reached its initial goal by recruiting two awesome interns to help them build more exciting stories like this one.

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