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"First Day Jitters"

Client: Cognizant
Product: Cognizant
Title: First Day Jitters
Media: Online video
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: Q4 2018

Background: With The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 1.4-million-person gap between software development jobs and qualified applicants to fill these positions by 2020, the need to support Americans seeking digital skills is greater than ever. Few companies know this better than Cognizant, a global business services provider that is one of the largest technology employers in the country.

Idea: Rather than just create a straightforward message to highlight Cognizant’s investment in training programs nationwide, we wanted to tap into the emotion of it all by focusing on the trainee’s point of view. With “First Day Jitters,” we use a simple narrative twist to make the story both relatable and memorable, playing off the anxiety every student remembers feeling on the first day of school.

Results: The campaign has successfully met its key metric, increasing awareness of Cognizant’s digital focus, in ways both quantifiable and qualifiable. In a recent ITSMA study, awareness of Cognizant as a provider of digital transformation solutions has risen to third in a field of more than 40 competitors.

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