Shackleton Madrid S.L.

"The putting box"

Client: Skechers
Product: Skechers
Title: The putting box
Media: mailing
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 16/05/2018

Background: A special action was requested to mark the launch of the new models of Skechers golf footwear. Something different, aimed at the end target audience of some of the brand´s shops and corners. We also had to impact specialized influencers.

Idea: We included the new models of Skechers Golf footwear in a box that was slightly different to the usual one: the Putting Box. Via a simple perforation it could be turned into a living room putting green within a few seconds. Because flawless footwear requires a flawless player, so time to practice.

Results: 100 Boxes were created so that several important shops and Skechers corners could sell their Golf models with this exclusive packaging. They were also sent to more than 30 media outlets, journalists and specialized influencers.The box was used to display the new footwear on social networks and see its testing along with the unboxing.

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